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Client Reviews

“Can I just tell you that you rock!  I iced my back, side & underarm area on Friday after the massage. Saturday I could move my arm without pain!  Thank you again! I’ve been singing your praises for days!” Chris

“Release Massage Therapy is a heavenly and chic space…your aching muscles
will melt away! You won’t want to get off the massage table!!” Julie K.

“I have found Release Massage Therapy to be a wonderful sanctuary. I am frequently there and find all the therapists to be highly skilled and versatile.”  Vicki

“I have had many massages in various places and I have been searching for the RIGHT place near home. Release Massage Therapy is great- quite, private, and convenient.”  Amy Y.

“Thai massages with Meg are fantastic!  It really helps to loosen me up from sitting down for the vast majority of my job.  My legs and hips especially feel better after a Thai massage.  The relaxed and limber feeling really helps me get through the week and I always feel reenergized after a session.”  Jeff T.

“I just got off of the table after another hour of phenomenal bodywork from Ellen Winick, and I’ve got to say, if something on you hurts–go see Ellen. Seriously, the woman should be declared a National Treasure. I’ve got one of the touchiest, most finicky bodies in the world, and within an hour she can have me purring like a cat in a puddle of sunshine. She’s amazing. Easily THE most talented, most intuitive massage therapist I’ve ever known. Splurge. Treat yourself. It’s way worth it.” Judi H.

“I have received massages from 3 different therapists at Release Massage Therapy. I have been getting massages anywhere from twice a week to once  a month for over 30 years. There have never been better therapists who are able to attend to my needs. Whether it is relaxation or a remedy from a serious injury I know they will have the experience to bring in many modalities/approaches at the necessary pressure for the best result.My entire family uses Release Massage. They each bring the best of the art and the science of massage therapy to the table every time!” Connie H.

“Thank you for helping me salvage this year by being able to participate in this race (Milwaukee Marathon).
Without you I’m certain I would not have made it to the starting line.”  Athlete and Client

“The pain I was in, due to a damaged muscle, was the reason I went online to look for therapeutic massage to help me recover. Because I am a large person, and was mortified about the possibility that no one could help. I went to Release Massage Therapy with both anticipation and dread, and to my relief, realized that I’d found a uniquely welcoming and holistic environment that was perfect for me. Ellen helped me to identify that my problem was Piriformis Syndrome, which involves both severe muscle strain and sciatic nerve inflammation.
Ellen is SO knowledgeable about internal structures, and she went right to the source. So far, with a focus on that area for a period of 8 weeks, I am 95% free of the pain I’d been struggling with for almost a year and a half, and can sit comfortably again. I also saw Ann for two craniosacral sessions which helped to relax the whole-body stiffness that happens around a severe injury. Previously, neither chiropractic treatments nor steroids from my doctor had addressed the whole issue.  I ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend Release Massage Therapy for help with acute and chronic pain issues.” Mary C., RN

“Visiting Release Massage Therapy is much more than receiving the BEST massage. It also feels like time spent with a caring friend, who just happens to be an excellent massage therapist. It truly is the best of both worlds. I have been fortunate to benefit from many massages over the years, but Release is my all-time favorite and I feel so blessed to have this excellent care in my neighborhood. I can’t wait to visit again.” Wendy H.

I feel absolutely splendid, darlin’, and I meant every word! (But I will indulge in an Epsom salt soak, just to encourage the toxin flush!) I can’t believe how open my sacral area feels. I haven’t been able to flex my lower spine like this for 15 years. YOU’RE WONDERFUL!!! J. Hendricks

“There was a time after my husband had a complicated surgery where my mind and body were just one big “hot mess”. I made an appointment, and when Ellen asked how I was feeling, well, she got an earful! I will never forget how Ellen used her skills to heal (really the only word) both that evening. I left that session with a renewed spirit–thank you!
I have worked with Ellen for several years; her skills and intuition are second to none! As a runner, full-time professional, wife, and mother of 3 active boys, my massage needs have varied– sometimes I need to work out a tricky hip, other times to soothe a weary mind. Ellen is sensitive to those needs and can adjust her therapy accordingly.” Michelle S.

“Whenever I leave Release Massage Therapy I feel reinvigorated, restored, recalibrated, relaxed and rejuvenated.” Beth S.

“Release Massage Therapy is like a mini vacation for my body and mind. When the busy days of family and work build up and become stressful, it really is a moment to “release”. The massages I have had,have helped me to reduce and manage the stress levels that my muscles hold, and also have been a retreat for my mind. Going to the studio allows me to take an important moment away from everything and just breath…so I can be energized once again to do all that I want to do!” Michelle C.

“If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, ‘Who heals the healers?’ the answer would be, ‘The folks at Release Massage Therapy.'”
Judi H., Minister, Meditation teacher, Clairvoyant Consultant

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